Transactional analysis, or TA to its friends, is a system of understanding personality and human behaviour. Based upon the therapeutic work of Eric Berne, TA has matured and developed over the last fifty years to become widely applicable in many areas of life, from therapy, to education, to organisational and personal development.

I came across TA fleetingly during management training many years ago, but only as a passing comment. It took training as a peer assessor for my professional body to give me more contact with the ideas and metaphors of TA and TA practitioners. Intrigued by the potential and power of the TA concepts and its ordinary application in my own life and work, I’ve been studying TA for a couple of years now.

There’s more to add to this page and I will start to add some reflections and observations on TA to this blog as I ease myself back into the whole writing thing again.

Posts of Relevance

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