Photography is one of my interests. It goes with the Geographing, naturally enough.

Reflections of the Maggie B

Reflections of the Maggie B

I started when I was at university and bought first of all a Zenit SLR – ghastly thing – and later an Olympus OM10, which I still have sitting on a shelf somewhere with an unfinished film in it. About five years ago I bought an HP photosmart 735 digital compact for Geographing and upgraded that a couple of years ago to a Nikon D80 SLR.

I’ve been a late adopter of the digital photography revolution, but have overcome all those initial anxieties about image quality etc. – the great advantage is the control that digital places in the hands of the user from the moment the image is captured – no longer do you have to wait for the prints to come back to find out how awful a shot is and no resources are wasted in deleting it from the memory with digital.

I add good and interesting photos to this blog and more can be found on my Flickr account.

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