And the ospreys are back too

I see that my last post was about a month ago noting the first sighting of the bats that flit about The Grannary in the warmer evenings.

Last week the resident pair of ospreys returned to the village. Everyone around here feels a strong sense of them being “our” birds and their return is one of the markers of spring each year. One bird was back on the 31st March and the pair were seen on the 1st, which was when I first noticed them.

The nesting site is in a scots pine on an island in the local loch and there is a prominent dead pine pole close by which acts as a perch. Although it’s a couple of hundred metres from the road, one tends to watch out for the typical osprey silhouette as one drives past. Even with a cheapish pair of binoculars, it’s possible to get a reasonable view of them from the road and birders are a common site in the season with their scopes, flasks and sandwiches.

It strikes me as a little curious that these birds, which are so obviously a pair of long standing, return from their migration apart. Has the female stopped off at Braehead to look at shoes and the male got bored and gone ahead? Perhaps we’ll never know the answer to that question.

But, ospreys are part of the village, as are the pair of buzzards which nest across from the Chookery and occasionally scream overhead here. Just have to wait for the swallows to know that summer will finally be on its way.


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