Scottish Convention on Modern Liberty

The following is an extract from a No2ID newsletter:

The Scottish Convention on Modern Liberty will be taking place on
Saturday 28th February (9:30am to 5:30pm), in parallel with other
conventions across the UK. Its focus will be “Surveillance in Scottish
Society”. There will be speakers and debates on related topics, as well
as live broadcasts of key note and plenary sessions from the London event.

The venue is the Institute for Advanced Studies, James Weir Building,
University of Strathclyde, 75 Montrose Street, Glasgow G1 1XJ, which is
less than 10 minutes walk from the main bus and train stations in the
city centre.

Entrance is free but donations would be greatly appreciated to cover the
costs of a buffet lunch and drinks. To reserve a place, please contact
Geraint at

The event is being organised jointly by NO2ID and the Institute for
Advanced Studies (

Speakers in Glasgow include:
Dr Ken Macdonald – Assistant Information Commissioner for Scotland
Patrick Harvie MSP – Co-Convenor of Scottish Green Party & member of the
Scottish Parliament for Glasgow
Prof Mike Nellis – Professor of Community and Criminal Justice
Strathclyde University, Institute for Advanced Studies,
Dr Richard Jones – Lecturer in Criminology University of Edinburgh,
School of Law, Dr William Webster – Lecturer in Public Management
University of Stirling, Stirling Management School
Other speakers are to be confirmed.

I intend to attend.


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    […] many other reasons, that I am now standing up to be counted. This is why I’m attending the Convention on Modern Liberty on the 28th and why anyone who cares at all about their future in the UK needs to think seriously […]

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