Sundews in the hills

We’ve had three weeks and possibly more without any significant rain here in Argyll. There are a number of obvious consequences, including the fact that I should be out watering the garden, but if I do, I’ll only be eaten alive by the McNasties, which are out in force at the moment. Keeps the swallows in business, mind you, so that’s no bad thing.

Another consequence is that the water levels in the lochs and rivers are falling dramatically. Loch Awe has fallen at least a foot and a beach is beginning to appear around its shore. The crannogs are emerging above the water line again, many having been lost when the level of the loch was increased as part of the Cruachan hydroelectric scheme way back in the fifties.

I’ve been back in my square-bagging habits today, and wrestling with blood sugar levels as a result. The GP made some suggestions when I saw him yesterday about reducing the basal insulin to minimise the risk of hypos when out in the hills, but absolutely no change today; hypo within an hour of starting walking and the usual all hell’s delight in getting sugars back up to a sensible reading. Lots of data from the meter, so I’ll email the GP with that lot and get his comments.

My walk today was up into the hills north of Loch Caolisport – wild, remote country characterised by glaciated rocks, bogs, moor and lochs. Lots of signs of deer, but didn’t see any until I was walking out along the track when I startled the life out of one that looked up and saw me only 30 feet from it. The bracken is well out of the ground now and will soon become a serious obstacle. Lots of small flowers in the grass and the bogs, particularly the small, delicate purple nodding heads of the butterwort. Best snap of the day has to be a sundew, included below for your delectation and delight.


2 Responses to “Sundews in the hills”

  1. BondBloke Says:

    Ah, Pat, if you want rain simply invite the Bond’s around, that will guarantee you a Monsoon of gigantic proportions… Regards to Her Maj.

  2. BondBloke Says:

    You have just been awarded a Blogging Friends Forever award… Collect it and pass it on.

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