Ballcuffs and a couple of birds

Oh you have got a salacious mind, haven’t you, clicking on that exciting link title to see what I’ve been up to. It’s all about a trip to Islay yesterday where, for a change, just about everyone I wanted to see was in and I got all my business done.
Work took me up to the vicinity of the RSPB reserve at Loch Gruinart, where I saw a grey wagtail, the first of the two interesting birds of the day. It was hopping around on the ground and, when my car approached, hopped up onto a gatepost and gave a dismissive display of tail-wagging before doing an effective impersonation of a bird disappearing into the undergrowth. Don’t recall having seen one before, and it’s a pretty wee thing, so quite enjoyed that encounter.
Took time out in the middle of the day to go to the Kilchoman Distillery Visitor Centre and Cafe for lunch, because it’s got some great food and the best coffee on the island. Approaching the distillery along the access track I had a great view of a female hen harrier shooting around, diving down to the ground and swooping around in loops. Lovely birds these, and several to be seen on Islay. (Some toggies from around the distillery here.)
Oh, yes, the ballcuffs. As I paid for lunch, I spotted a notice which caught my eye advertising some natty little accessories for the smart gent. Great idea, but the name did make me cross my legs a little … Here’s a piccy, nabbed from the Modern Gent’s website.


4 Responses to “Ballcuffs and a couple of birds”

  1. Armin Says:

    Actually, I saw your pictures on Flickr last night and was looking for the corresponding blog entry 😉

    I’ve had an encounter with a grey wagtail on Islay earlier this year:

    Confused Bird on Islay? Funny bird!

  2. Pat the Chooks Says:

    That’s the fellow! Great picture, by the way. Make free with any pictures of barrels if you’re short of them, something I doubt somehow.

  3. BondBloke Says:

    It was quite obvious from the piccy that it was cuff links you were talking about, still made me cross the old legs though!

    It’s alright for some getting across to Islay regularly, some of us just hacve to put up with Auld Reekie…

  4. BondBloke Says:


    Have started a couple of web pages on Islay see here; if you would like to contribute anything just give me a shout…

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