Report from the fun day

The village held its annual Fun Day yesterday, which was opened with the usual flourish by the Mid Argyll Pipe Band:

This year they were joined by a pipe band from Poland, who, with the occasional borrowed drum, gave a fantastic performance in front of the village hall:

There was the usual fish race, although the event was run over the jumps for the first time, with the burn course being chosen in preference to the fast straight of the river. John can be seen entertaining the anxious crowd in the first picture as news from the upper reaches of the burn was anticipated; in the second picture he is gathering in the also-swams:

My personal favourite from the afternoon was the peregrine brought by the local falconer. Just admire her:

Local crafts were on display and the church held a television-themed flower show:

In the evening we had a ceilidh and the hall was, to use the local vernacular, mobbed. We’d sourced some scrumpy from Somerset and we strutted our stuff with the ceildih dances we’d been trying to learn over the summer, with more or less success.
The plan is to try to do something different next year and we are contemplating a local real ale (and imported cider) festival over two days, with local food and music. So far, all gathered opinion is favourable and, you never know, it might even come off!


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