Clachan Calamities wow Tarbert

I’ve written before about the pantomime we went to see a few weeks ago in Clachan, away down the Kintyre peninsula. Last night the Clachan Calamities went on tour, eight miles up the road to Tarbert. The additional show was put on, not only to raise funds for the village hall in Tarbert, but also by way of popular acclaim for what is a good, fun pantomime.
Her Maj and I had been down in Glasgow all day, doing bits of shopping for luggage for the Australian visit in three weeks time, but made it back to Tarbert in time for a meal and a couple of pints in the Victoria Hotel to set us up for the show.
Tarbert’s village hall is a large wooden-panelled room with a proper stage at the business end. The queue to get in was nearly out of the door when we arrived and additional chairs were being set out in the hall for the late-comers.
Lights! Cameras! Action!! and we were off. The chorus line was as good as ever and raised the audience’s energy levels for the play itself. It was the same cast as previously, even down to the Duck, and there was fun and ribaldry galore, with much tactical play made of chocolate mousse pies at inauspicious moments in the action.
What made this show memorable was the complete and total involvement of the children from the audience in the action. More than once, simple honesty from the kids corpsed the players and had the audience in gales of laughter. Admittedly, the opening “scary” scene where the Spirit of the Ring has her head restored to her had a few of the wee ones in tears, but they soon settled down to enjoy the show.
The show was a great success, signalled mainly for me by the total participation of the children, who loved the magic that this company brought to the stage.
I should add that the raffle was also a great success, with two bottles of wine being returned to the cellar at The Grannary for later consumption.
So, well done the Calamities, and it’s clear that Tarbert want to see more of them, as does PtC, who has already booked his seat for next year’s show.

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2 Responses to “Clachan Calamities wow Tarbert”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Your seats are already booked for Clachan Calamities 2008 pantomime “Snow White” !

    see you there!!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Pat,

    Snow White has been postponed for a raunchy set of dancers “The Foo Foo Girls” etc etc etc to wow the audience at clachan in our first calamitous cabaret, “Life is a Cabaret”. See you there on the 2nd february and Tarbert village hall on the 9th Feb. Licensed bar/ table service 7-12midnight … £3 a ticket…and I am not sure how much for a “strip” (of raffle tickets) this year!!!
    It is the first time we have officially decided to go for an audience over 16.

    See you soon!

    “Clachan Calamity”

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