Railway fiction

The illustration on the right displays a fine piece of railway fiction – the ticket to nowhere sold on the same day that travel to one’s destination by railway was, in fact, impossible.
It beats me why, when I purchase a ticket to a station on a closed line, the railways don’t mention the fact that you can’t get there by train on the day in question, which would permit the discerning traveller to consider alternatives to the suburban iron road. Such as – DLR to Greenwich and the number 161 bus.
Instead of which, I find on arriving at London Bridge Station that the Mottingham line is closed for the day and there’s a bus from Lewisham. Got (very quickly, in fact) to Lewisham and the next bus was about twenty minutes away. Chose to travel instead by taxi and spent an additional £20 on the journey, although with some good craic with the drivers concerned.
It still p*sses me off, though.


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