What do points mean?

A small, if pedantic, victory over Tesco today. After we’d done our weekly up at the Oban branch, Her Maj was handed a Clubcard voucher entitling her to 300 extra points for purchasing any “DVD”. Quickly spotting the opportunity to increase my beloved’s virtual wealth with her loyalty card, I swanned off to find a pack of blank DVD-Rs, three for the princely sum of 97 pence.
You can now imagine the confusion that reigned at the till when presented with the voucher for the purchase of the DVDs. Obviously, Tesco intended their customers, in taking advantage of this bonus offer, to go off and purchase a full-price pre-recorded DVD of something banal like Only Fools and Horses Series 437 and the till computer accordingly did not compute.
Off I toddled to the customer service desk where I encountered a woman whose purpose in life appeared to be saying “No” to people. Consequently, when I explained that I’d like the 300 points added to the Clubcard account, she told me that the offer was intended for films and the like. I politely informed her that the offer voucher did not specify the nature or state of the DVDs which required to be purchased and that, had it read “pre-recorded DVD”, I would not be pressing the point. Since it only stated “DVD” and I had, in point of fact, just purchased three, I felt I should receive my contractual due. Well, she didn’t like that and, pausing only to suck another lemon, rang for the duty manager. DM duly appeared and, after the ritual recital of each party’s position, grudgingly credited Her Maj with the 300 additional points.
The moral of the tale is, if you can’t say what you mean, at least mean what you say.
Moral number two is get out there and claim your 300 points for 97 pence if you have an appropriate voucher.
Expect Tesco to change the wording on the voucher PDQ if you all start doing this.


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