Wild and woolly weather

Plan A was to go over to Islay today. Yes, I’d seen the weather forecasts and knew it’s wasn’t going to be a millpond, but I wanted to get some particular work done. Overnight it blew an absolute hoolie and getting some sleep in before having to be up at 0445 was not easy.
Knowing that, even if the ferry did sail and I got across, the chances of getting back today were a little limited, I packed an overnight bag and took “spare” work which could be done if I found myself isolated for a second day.
However, not to be. Although I’d checked CalMac’s service information page on the web at some unearthly hour and found no information to suggest the ferry wouldn’t sail, it wasn’t until I was approaching Tarbert that I got a text message on my phone to say that the crossing had been cancelled due to the weather. Not that surprised, but being back in the office by 0620 was a little weird.
Yesterday was also very windy, but much brighter. Work took me to Campbeltown, but I stopped off at Killegruer just to bring you this fantastic view of windy waves crashing on the Kintyre shore.

Treat of the trip was seeing a golden eagle flying above the roadside crags on the way back up the A83 – the section of the road to Campbeltown I call the Corniche. No mistaking these birds, they look like flying doors and are about the same size. The eagle made a wildlife pair with the red squirrel that chose to dance around the wheels of my car on driving out of the village that morning.


One Response to “Wild and woolly weather”

  1. BondWoman Says:

    I had my absolutely worst ever flight yesterday, coming back from London into Edinburgh between 11 and 11.30 at night. Unbelievable. A couple of times I really thought that was it. It really has been windy here too. The wind was howling around the flat all night and it was so bad this morning that I decided that it was not prudent to cycle into work.

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