New Year in Ireland

I mentioned earlier that our time in Ireland was characterised by wind and rain, well, here’s the evidence from Malin Head on New Year’s Eve: In fact, the wind was so strong that Poppet was blown over when she got out of the car and my glasses were blown off into the gloaming. Fortunately, Xander managed to find them for me so didn’t have to resort to the back-up pair that lives in the glovebox of the car. Chipped and scratched (the glasses) but otherwise okay.
We went down to the local pub – Michael John’s – that evening to find it very nicely decorated for the season and with a good coal fire going. The place was fairly busy, but we found a table and settled down for a few pints of plain (on my part) before going back up the road to Mum’s to see in the New Year.
I can’t actually remember spending the turn of the year with Mum for many years and the chances are that it was way back in the early seventies, before I appeared old enough to go into pubs, no doubt.


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