Back from the Crimble travels

We’re all back at The Grannary now, with Her Maj having returned yesterday evening some four days later than me. Lady Voledoomcat’s pleasure at having her people back simply can’t be contained and a lot of it dribbles onto your trousers as a consequence.
We delayed our journey down to Somerset until the Saturday and had a very good run. We drove in convoy and had a good breakfast at Tebay, as usual. Arrived in Somerset late lunchtime and I went on into Bridgwater to have lunch at the pub where the two daughters constitute the waiting staff, much to their surprise.
Christmas was a bit of a hurtle, all told, with Christmas day spent at her sister’s en famille and Boxing Day with me rattling off to Wiltshire to see assorted PTC relations, including nephews and nieces. On Wednesday, I took the younger chickabiddies into Taunton to shop for their Christmas presents – a Trangia cooker with gas-burner for Xander and a pair of boots and a handbag for Poppet.
Thursday we travelled over to Ireland via Holyhead and the HSS to stay with my Mum in County Donegal for New Year. Also managed to see my sister and a her daughters for a short time, so nearly managed to see all nephews and nieces, with the exception of her wee son who was in Derry with his Dad on that day. That all went in a bustle of gales and rain and Her Maj and the chicks were put back on the plane to Bristol on the Tuesday whilst I headed for the Stranraer ferry and work the following day. And yes, they did have a dodgy landing at Bristol airport.


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