Snow on Mull

Up to Oban today to get a few provisions for my trip to Barra tomorrow, and managed to get a couple of pictures for the record. The first one is of the reflections on Oude Dam and the second one shows the mountains of Mull plastered in snow. The second shot was taken from the promenade in Oban where the seagulls were trying desperately to snaffle my chips before I had the chance to eat them myself. Not the least of the provisions for Mull is, of course, a packet of anti-vom pills given the rather ferocious forecast for the crossing.
Reflections on Oude Dam
Snow on Mull from Oban Harbour


3 Responses to “Snow on Mull”

  1. Peggy Says:

    What are the white birds in the photo? Whooper swans?

  2. Pat the Chooks Says:

    Afraid they are common or garden mute swans – Oban seems to have a resident flock which muscle in on any carry-outs left by the herring gulls.

  3. Ben Colburn Says:

    That is a marvellous photo of the Oude Dam: well done!

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