A new look for the blog

I said it was time to dust the old place off and give it a new, fresh look. The original plan was to move to another blogging host/engine, but I’ll see how I get on with the Blogger Beta. It has a lot of improvements in terms of the simplicity of managing layout and content and I’ll have a wee play for a few weeks to see how I get on.
Sorry for having been so quiet for so long, lots to tell you …


2 Responses to “A new look for the blog”

  1. Bondbloke Says:

    Really like the new look – very clean and simple…

  2. Pat the Chooks Says:

    bondwoman rightly complained about the loss of the RSS feed. Well, apparently, this is a consequence of the new Blogger Beta machine that I’m now using, which has broken all its feeds. I’m a little annoyed about this and we’ll have to see what Google do to get this sorted. The Blogger community are a little peeved about the situation and Google could lose a lot of their more significant blogs if they don’t pull their fingers out PDQ.

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