A task outstanding

I need to refurbish and reconceptualise this blog. After all, the only animals that live here are Lady Voledoomcat and any brief rodent lives in her paws. Chook and goose news is in very short supply, apart from hearing the Charlie is in rooster heaven with the arrival of half a dozen new pullets; Pipsqueak is growing up to be a bantam version of his dad and the Sergeant has a new challenge with a pair of resident dogs who like chasing geese!
I have been thinking for some time about moving the blog to another provider and would welcome comments from anyone who uses something other than Blogger to do the job. It would be nice to have better control over the stylesheet and the ability to use tags.
The one reason for making this public (alright, three of you) statement is that it might spur me into action and actually do something about it. Mind you, I won’t have the time until after my hols, what with chickabiddies visiting and walking in Derbyshire to occupy my time.


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