Wild raspberries

Late home this evening after a very early start and spending most of the day down the far end of Kintyre (meetings, blooming meetings!) and no sign of Lady Voledoomcat. Now, she is a great one for firkling around in the long grass all day long, but she’s usually infesting the kitchen when himself appears at the end of the working d., but not this evening. No sign of her even after I’d cooked some fish, which normally has her flying through the CatFlap(R) at close to the speed of a very hungry cat. Now, call me soppy if you will, but I thought I’d just toddle out and comb the verges for her corpse …
… which took me as far as the Old Gamekeeper’s, where I stopped for a natter and a cup of tea. Wandered on along past The Chookery and found ripe wild raspberries in the verge, so helped myself. Back over what might one day be the village green and meandered up along the burn towards the edge of the moor. The light on the hills at this time of year is fabulous; the hills themselves have greened up considerably in the last week with the welcome rain. I thought to myself that I couldn’t wish to be anywhere else (apart from a small village in Herefordshire or Somerset with a decent pub and warm real ale). Back on down the track and yet more wild raspberries just leaning into my path for my delight. Small pleasures which are so seasonal and fleeting are the more pleasurable for a’ that.
Oh, and herself was sat upstairs by the computer when I finally came in again …


One Response to “Wild raspberries”

  1. Jude Says:

    A touch of contentedness there. You make your neck of the woods sound just delightful. And I’m sure it is — in the summer.

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