Beelzebub and the Token of Love

Her Maj has finished term and buzzed off to Somerset for a few weeks, leaving the old boy to his own devices. It being a lovely sunny, warm evening, the decision was taken to go off square-bagging and fill in a corner somewhat to the south of The Grannary. The initial project was to grab four elusive squares accessible through forest tracks, and then to see whether a route was available on the ground (although not shown on the map) to get into some craggy hills further over that would complete a pleasant and rewarding round trip.
The initial walk through the forest was good and the tracks were all marked on the map. At the end of the forest roads, I was getting up towards the moorland and looking for a way into the ground to my east. I found a small track heading off in the right general direction and, after a mile or so of meandering through the forest, came out in more open ground and made my way to the rather gorgeous Lochan Anama.
Lochan Anama This view looks over Lochan Anama towards Sidh Mor.
The light was wonderful and the views out across the islands towards Mull were fantastic. The only serious snag were the flies, which decided that I represented some sort of holiday camp for their kind and swarmed all around my head, all of the time. It wasn’t so bad when walking reasonably quickly, but whenever I stopped to check the map, take a picture or make a note in my notebook, they descended in a ravenous fury.
The Token of LoveTowards the end of the walk, I climbed a fun little rock outcrop just for the sheer hell of the exercise and found this wonderful little love token at the top. This was sat on a little ledge facing the west and getting the benefit of the setting sun and was a simply lovely little thing to find. On the back it was enscribed “To Ev from Alan”. I put it back exactly as I found it and I hope Ev treasures the knowledge of it, if she evens knows it’s up there.


2 Responses to “Beelzebub and the Token of Love”

  1. BondWoman Says:

    Pat, Pat where have you gone? We are missing updates from the gorgeous mid west of scotland.

  2. Pat the Chooks Says:

    Juat a little dose of indolence, or overwork, not too sure which. Finished on Monday at 2315, today at 2000 and tomorrow will be about 2100. Not to mention working this Saturday, so blogging (and blog re-definition (much-needed)) is still the other side of the cold beer of an evening.

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