Litter bugs on Loch Awe

A retro-blog by Pat the Chooks
Thursday, 8th June 2006

Thursday was a fabulously-sunny day and, with these nice long evenings part and parcel of a Scottish summer, I decided to bag a couple of square up near Dalavich as an excuse for an evening’s walk. Parked up at the Barnaline car park and set off across the river and then off the road onto the forest tracks. There were a few folk returning from walking their dogs, or fishing, but apart from someone raiding old log stacks for firewood, there was no-one else around. Not too midgey either, which was fortunate. I eventually found the locations I was after. Here’s the first:
The next spot was a little point on the shore. From here, there were the most fabulous views across the limpid waters to Ben Cruachan, as here:
Ben Cruachan across Loch Awe
Unfortunately, the “fishermen” of Glasgow had recently visited. At the forest trackside were eight bags containing rubbish and beer bottles. But the scene at the lochside was one of complete vandalism and litter. Trees had been cut at waist-height for firewood, bait and maggots were strewn on the beach, the obligatory piles of moistened toilet paper and their ill-concealed packages were in the bushes, plastic bags and towels abandoned on the shore, barbecues and bread rolls, bacon and white pudding all relatively fresh still strewn around. See here:
Litter on the shore of Loch Awe
It absolutely beats me how anyone, however coarse they might be in habits or lifestyle, could ever go to all the effort it must take completely to trash a beautiful lochside location such as this. Surely they cannot positively seek out places already littered and spoiled for their own camping pleasure and, since they came in by vehicles, surely it wouldn’t be too much trouble to truck all the rubbish out again? Vulgarity is one thing; rampant vandalism is quite another and this is the sort of behaviour that only results in legitimate pleasure-users of the Scottish countryside being given a hard time by factors, keepers and land-owners. There is a strong cultural tradition in Scotland of wild-camping in the highlands at weekends, but this despoiling of lochside locations is becoming more and more commonplace.

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2 Responses to “Litter bugs on Loch Awe”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wot a shame it is to see a small minority of people spoiling our country side.if caught littering name and shame them.ban these people from camping anywhere in the uk

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Just come back from Loch Awe. A beautiful place spoilt by the minority (some scumbag fishermen etc!) First time I have been to Scotland and I realise that it was only a very small part of it but its busier than I expected. I am sure though there are places where others rarely go, which in my opinion is always better as my idea of getting away from it all means crowds of people as well. Ask me why I feel like this? Well when we were there one fisherman, and I use the term loosely based on his catch!! couldn’t stay away from us in his boat. Talk about being overlooked. He is the type of person that likes to get away from it all, as long as he has someone else hand to hold, far too many of that sort as well.

    So a good advert for wanton destruction to trees and people that can’t dig a pit to crap in, Nice!

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