A day in Glasgow

A retro-blog by Pat the Chooks
Saturday, 10th June 2006
Down with the car to Rutherglen for some maintenance, which meant that I had the day to spend meandering around Glasgow on my own; always enjoyable. Her Maj had decided that emptying boxes was far more important than taking pleasure in Scotland’s greatest city, so I gladly left her to it.
Only two hours from home to Rutherglen, which was a personal best, so nice and early into the city centre by bus, running the visual gauntlet of getting off the bus behind the world’s worst body-shape for hipster trousers. Why, o why do women blindly follow fashion without the slightest regard for what suits and flatters them?
Rant over and into a coffee bar in the Central Station for a coffee and a read of the paper – I’ve already related the joke which had me guffawing and echoing around the concourse. A general meander around the shops, buying a new kilt belt (the old one was now far too large), looking at musical keyboards (a dream) and generally admiring jackets I couldn’t afford in John Lewis (nice schmutter). Watched an Orange parade go by and took a few photos – funny how no-one actually seems to be enjoying it – three women flag-bearers with one band all had the most sour expressions on their faces when I looked at the picture I’d taken.
Glasgow was steaming in the heat. If you were lucky there was half a gale blowing between the buildings but, if you weren’t it was roasting. Bought a new sun hat for walking, because the Tilley is too warm in most conditions; this one is light-weight and ventilated around the crown and has an enormous brim – proper job!
Went to The Lighthouse for a look around. This is Glasgow’s centre for architecture and design in the city and well worth a visit. There is a permanent Rennie Mackintosh exhibition, as well as other galleries, cafe, shop with great design ideas and two high viewing galleries in one old, and one new, tower. When Daisy comes to visit in the summer, this is one place I’ll definitely take her.
Here’s a view of the inside of the Mackintosh Tower:
Staircase inside the Mackintosh Tower, The Lighthouse, Glasgowand one of the modern viewing gallery:
Viewing Tower at The Lighthouse, Glasgow


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