Getting back on-line

A retro-post by Pat the Chooks
Wednesday, 31st May 2006
BT came to install the new line to The Grannary on Wednesday. I’d spent a lot of time on the phone getting them to commit to coming that day and I was due back in work the following day. The telephone exchange is literally across the road from me and you can imagine my surprise when the lad who turned up sucked his teeth and told me he wouldn’t be able to do the job that day. Upon enquiring the reason for this disappointing news, he informed me that the pole from which the new line would be dropped was a “no-climb” pole, because some of the other lines coming off it were low enough to be pulled over by a lorry, endangering any worker up the pole. I pointed out to him that (a) BT should know their assets and provide the resources to enable the job to be carried out on the day and (b) the low lines were across a road that led only to a domestic cul-de-sac up which lorries were not known to travel. Anyway, after some more telephone conversations and being allowed to speak to his helpful line manager in Campbeltown, a method for doing the job that day was agreed: a second man would be brought in and his job would be to stand in the cul-de-sac and prevent any high vehicles using the route whilst his colleague was up the pole. And so it duly went – two chaps later turned up, worked efficiently and neatly and by the end of the afternoon a new phone line was installed and working, two pre-existing extension sockets were connected to boot and we now have three functioning phone outlets in the house.
Here’s evidence of the line going in. This shot was taken from the first-floor of The Grannary and shows just how close the exchange actually is.
Installing the phone line
Still no sign of broadband … Tiscali are bloody hard to get hold of.


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