A milestone reached

This is the 400th post on this blog and the last one from The Chookery. The next post will be from The Grannary, and I am confident that I will be ranting about the appalling experience of transferring a broadband service when taking the existing telephone number with you. But it’ll just spoil the fun if I start on that now.
As a leaving present for the chooks, I have re-roofed their coop. The felt was in poor condition and had long ago started to tear off, causing some water damage to the roof. I had loads of felt left over from the shed at The Grannary, so it seemed only the decent thing to do to improve conditions for those old feathered friends before I leave them.
We’ve spent most of today in a peril of cardboard boxes, but the place still looks like a bomb’s hit it. Her Maj is off to work tomorrow and I’ll be entertaining four removal men and directing operations at two locations 200m apart. Should be good exercise – perhaps I should get the bike out of the shed for to-ing and fro-ing on the day.
Talking of the shed, I took the roof box over to see how I could get it in and was greatly relieved to find that it would just fit inside lengthways. The storage solution was to drill four holes in the rafters, fit lengths of rope and sling the roof box tightly up into the apex of the roof. Her Maj, being knee-high to a grasshopper, can walk comfortably underneath the roof box, but I have to duck. Still, it does leave the floorspace completely unencumbered for bikes, tools, lawnmowers and all the other collective clobber that is only ever found in sheds.
I know this post is disappointingly unstructured, when it should, by rights, be redolent with wit, reflective on the eighteen months tenure of The Chookery, reporting on the wonderful weather we’ve enjoyed today and the fact that the McNasties are now out in force again, but the old noggin is meandering all over the shop with tomorrow’s excitements, so you’ll just have to put up with it.
Anyway, I’m going to be off-line now for a couple of days. With luck, I’ll be back on dial-up on Wednesday after BT come to install the phone line in The Grannary (it’s only 30m to the exchange!), but Tiscali are promising me a minimum wait of 15 days before they will reconnect my broadband service – and that’s with ordering a broadband-enabled line from BT and taking the existing phone number with me! Damn! I was going to save that rant for later – I still will, I’ve only reported the facts, not my opinions on them.
Be patient – I’ll be back …


4 Responses to “A milestone reached”

  1. BondWoman Says:

    I’ve moved my broadband service twice, and both times it was hell…Good luck with the move. Weather isn’t bad in Auld Reekie either.

  2. Numptie Says:

    Good luck with the move – the last time BW and I moved broadband it took six weeks; panic not it will probably be quicker for you. Our problem was dear old auntie Beattie, they said there was an existing service on the line we were moving to when we knew that there was not; it t6ook the treat of the ombudsman to get them to finaly sort the problem…

  3. Lucky-1 Says:

    Good luck with the move and I look forward to reading what your future brings for you.

  4. Pat the Chooks Says:

    Made it! And back on the whacky world of dial-up as of half an hour ago. But even that was a drama – post will follow with details.

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