Battalions of bluebells

This is a good year for bluebells, everyone is saying so at the moment. They were coming out before I went to Ireland a week ago, but I noticed they were everywhere on my drive back into Argyll from the airport. Everywhere the sunlight can get onto the banks and braes and into the woods, bluebells are muscling their way into view. There are some particularly spectacular banks beside the road on the way into work which are heaving with their blooms at the moment, even better, the banks are below the road and the eye can peer laterally through several metres of the purple flowers. Even the bank opposite The Chookery is covered with bluebells, and, to distinguish itself from every other bank or brae in the county, it has a seasoning of white bluebells as well.
I’m a bit short of decent bluebell toggies at the moment, but here’s one from my trip to the Isle of Luing a couple of weeks ago:

Bluebells on Luing


One Response to “Battalions of bluebells”

  1. Martyn Says:

    It does seem to be a good year for them this year. The bluebell woods of North Yorkshire have been putting on some great displays. I love to see a carpet of them, really lifts the spirits 🙂

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