Guinness ain’t so good for you

I’ll return to the subject of the title in a little bit, but this post is really to record a weekend in Inishowen in County Donegal.
I’d not been over to Inishowen since just August 2004, just before I moved up to Argyll. Bit of a pity really, since my mum lives over there and it’s a long time to go without the benefit of the maternal review of your doings.
Anyway, I’d arranged a bed and breakfast close to Greencastle and not too far from the maternal residence and got across from Belfast in just under two hours, which wasn’t too bad a run. The climb over the Sperrins and the Glenshane Pass was as spectacular as ever, but there’s something about crossing the Liberty Bridge and entering Muff that always brings a lightness to the spirit, even if the visual spectacle of the border village leaves a lot to be desired. The enduring spirit of the place is petroleum, with prices cheaper than those enjoyed on the UK side of the border, and garages competing to offer the best prices on sterling exchange rates to boot.
The B&B was a newly-built, large bungalow well up the hillside above the road and enjoying spectacular views over Lough Foyle to Magilligan Point. Not too sure about the decor, though – I was watched whilst on the loo by the bust of some ancient Egyptian queen and there were hieroglyphic designs all over the place. Still, a warm welcome and good breakfast was all to the good.
Magilligan Point from Inishowen
Off down the hill to see Mum, who had a bit of a job recognising the figure in front of her, me having lost a few stone in weight since the last visit. She’d got a new collie dog to join her older dog and it and I needed a bit of time to introduce ourselves to each other.
A very pleasant evening’s chat and I made a point of visiting the pub on the way back and getting a couple more pints of Guinness down my neck before retiring up the hill to my rented bed. A nice, small local pub, with no piped music and folk who are always willing to have a chat; just the job, really.
The rest of the weekend followed the same pattern, spending time with Mum and getting into the pub in the evening. We made an expedition to the bookshop in Carndonagh and spent an hour or so browing through the crowded shelves. Meandered back along the coast a way and enjoyed the views en route.
Mouth of the Culdaff River
The weekend came to an end all too soon, as they do, and it was back to the airport for the flight home. Her Maj was pleased to see me, which is always a relief.
Oh, I didn’t mention the reason for the title of the post. Well, testing the old blood sugar first thing in the morning after a couple of pints of the black stuff reveals that it does rather stick in the circulation and results are a bit too high for habitual consumption. Och well, so it goes.


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