Busy in Belfast

A retro-blog by Pat the Chooks
Friday, 19th May 2006
Off to Belfast on Thursday evening for a day’s interviewing for a professional organisation on the Friday. Flew out from GLA (Glasgow International) to Belfast International courtest of BeastlyJet, who were only about ten minutes late leaving Glasgow. It’s a very short hop to Belfast from Scotland; they don’t even bother getting the drinks trolley out. A fair amount of cloud over Scotland, but it cleared up enough over the CLyde estuary to see the Isle of Arran and even the Mull of Kintyre before we swooped low over Larne and the astonishingly green fields of Erin itself.
I’d arranged to hire a car beforehand, which was because I was intending to head over to County Donegal for the weekend, but spent about ten minutes looking around the wrong carpark for the darn thing. Found it in the end; a brand-new VW Polo with only delivery mileage on the clock.
No real problems getting into town. The hotel was out near Stormont Castle and very posh it was too – the beds were large enough for at least three portly assembly members all at once. A quick wash and refresh and met up with several old chums who were on the same duty. As they say, the craic was mighty! Good food too, and e finally got down to the last bit of preparation at sometime after eleven o’clock. That didn’t take too long, and then the opportunity to sink some of the black stuff before bed.
The interviews themselves went well – at least for the interviewers. Got away about four o’clock and dropped colleagues off at City airport and in the city centre before high-tailing it over to Inishowen for the weekend proper. More of that anon.
Belfast is a great place and I’ve spent several very pleasant days there before now. The Irish, of all persuasions, are very hospitable and welcoming and you’re never wanting of entertainment in their company. If you’ve not been over, I do recommend it. Mind you, there’s loads more to see all over the island, but you won’t go wrong in the cities of the northern counties.


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