Chicky news

Chicky in hand
Here’s the first public toggie of Chicky, who is now just over a week old and doing very well, thank you. Columbine has twice brought him out to the pen to have a scracth around this morning. He’s a pretty little bird and already is growing tiny little flight feathers on his wings – he obviously has some of his father’s colouring. The hands are those of He Maj, who rather enjoyed the experience.
Chicky and Columbine at the nest
This shows Columbine patiently continuing to sit on her other eggs, although we have no idea how many of them are (a)fertile or (b) even hers. We’ll give her another couple of weeks maximum and shift them if they are not showing any signs of germinating (if that’s what eggs do).
Meantime, Gertie is still at her post. If her timing is as good as last year’s, we might expect a gosling in the next week. You’ll be the first to know.
Gertie Goose on her nest


2 Responses to “Chicky news”

  1. Martyn Says:

    Chicky is looking extremely fine I have to say ! Thanks very much for the photos, I looking forward to following the youngster progress.

  2. Lucky-1 Says:

    I have often been to your Blogg to see what you have been up to of late. I do so love the photo of the little chicken. I have a single chicken called “Oprah” who was hatched by my silkie “Bonnie”. You might find the other eggs aren’t fertile.If you want to see my blogg go here. I’m in Australia

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