Watch this space …

I know it’s been quiet here for a few days, but I have been over on Islay and Jura for work. Lots to report, including: “The Angel’s Dram” and
“The Bavarian Aktivator”

In the meantime, here’s a spelling howler from the ferry:
Spelling howler accomodation for accommodation
And a Bavarian joke:
An Austrian was visiting Bavaria and decided to drive up a mountain. The sign at the bottom of the road said “No Turning Space”, so the Austrian reversed up the road. After several hours he reversed down again. A Bavarian spoke to him and asked him why he had reversed up and down the mountain and the Austrian said, “I reversed up because the sign said there was no turning space, but when I got the the top, I found that there was!” Laugh? I nearly did.


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