The decline of BBC english

I have long been worried about the decline in BBC English, and this example from a news story today exemplifies the problem:
The home secretary must update the House of Commons on the hunt for 1,023 foreign criminals released without being deported, the Conservatives say.
Was the Home Secretary really at risk of deportation? I know he’s not Tony’s preferred toilet-seat-warmer at the moment, but come on!
The politically-important issue with this story is not that non-UK residents have been re-offending after release; after all, this tends to be a risk with any released prisoner, but that this story has become a handy vehicle for all the pent-up xenophobia of the UK press. It would be very instructive to see comparative figures for re-offending rates between guests in this country and our own, home-grown, British-and-proud-of-them criminal classes.
That said, offend the rules of your host and you should reasonably expect to lose your welcome.


2 Responses to “The decline of BBC english”

  1. Numptie Says:

    Watch the BondWoman, she was having a rant about the same thing this morning over breakfast, I had to tell her to stop shouting at one point, and was saying she was going to blog about xenophobia…

  2. Pat the Chooks Says:

    I find that I am becoming more sensitive to subtle racism and xenophobia as I get older. Thinking about this just now (and therefore not necessarily thoroughly) I wondered whether there is a perceived relationship in my mind between a government that is taking unto itself more and more draconian and executive powers – what I call the “toolkit of dictatorship” – and a succession of “Events, dear boy!” that only serve to create divisions in society and increase the sense of threat, isolation and vulnerability in the national psyche, hence creating fertile conditions for a public acceptance of tyranny.

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