Signs and other portents

One of the things that I am starting to do is collect pictures of aberrant apostrophes and other howlers on signs and notices put up for the public to view. Here are some recent favourites:

This is a classic grocer’s (well, florist’s) apostrophe.
Example of misuse of apostrophe

Here the author of the sign has used a word processor to generate the notice, but has failed to use the spell-checker.
Example of mis-spelling

Well, you would need a box to keep it in, wouldn’t you?
Don't let it out of the box

This has to be my favourite. I believe the author desires that neither bicycles, skateboards nor skates should be brought into his establishment. Either that, or he’s a nervous vampire.


3 Responses to “Signs and other portents”

  1. Numptie Says:

    I defintely want one of them there Hover’s, could prove very useful…

  2. Martyn Says:

    Last weekend in the local co-op, on a printed sign which had clearly been for distribution throughout their stores, was the following :

    “Fosters Lager 8 for the price of 4. Great for St Georges’ Day, Sunday 23th April”

  3. Jude Says:

    I get a kick out of finding misplaced apostrophe’s too, and have posted photo’s of a few on my blog. Whenever I spy them on chalk-boards’ – e.g outside the green-grocer – I make a point of erasing the offending mark with a wet finger.

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