Visits from a jay

Both yesterday morning and this one I was lucky enough to see a jay on the ground in the garden. Yesterday, it was feeding on some leftover chook seed on the lawn and today it was looking around for more of the same. I’ve only seen a jay in the garden on one other occasion that I can recall. I like jays; they’re colourful and boisterous and shy, which is why a sighting is always such a pleasure. From this information at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, I can see that The Chookery is towards the northern limit of its UK distribution.
We’ve also been getting some quite large flocks of chaffinches on the ground feeding on chook feed; we counted over forty in one small flock outside the living room window the other day.


One Response to “Visits from a jay”

  1. Numptie Says:

    You lucky person, Jays are the most beautiful of birds, I am surprised that they come this far north, but who am I to argue with the RSPB

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