Inspired by Numptie, who got this from Will (after all, it is a meme thing), here are the results for my birthday:
1. 1653 English Interregnum: The ProtectorateOliver Cromwell becomes Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland.
2. 1925 – A regular broadcasting service was instituted in Ceylon.
3. 1997 – The Pokémon episode Electric Soldier Porygon triggers attacks of photosensitive epilepsy in hundreds of Japanese children.
1. 1917 Sir Arthur C. Clarke, British writer
2. 1952 Joel Garner, West Indian test cricketer
1. 1921 Camille Saint-Saëns, French composer (b. 1835)
Now you can try it. Go to Wikipedia, type in your birth date (but not year e.g. 25 Dec), then list three events that happened on your birthday, two important birthdays and one interesting death; then post this in your blog.


One Response to “Wikimeme”

  1. Numptie Says:

    Hey a man after mine own heart – Births Joel Garner and Arthur C Clark who worked out the geo-stationery satelite orbit, cricket and SF a match made in heaven…

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