I didn’t know that we had a birdbath at The Chookery, but clearly we do. Chaffinches, sparrows and greenfinches have all been taking a dip outside the office window, and here’s a sparrow having a splashing time.

Sparrow in the birdbath


One Response to “Birdbath”

  1. The Blind-Winger Jones Says:

    It’s right to look after the birds…particularly with the feathered flu on the breeze blown in from the continentals. I hope your chooks are fighting fit, and showing no sign of malady. The 1918 Spanish flu is often cited in discussions regarding the current outbreak, but everyone neglects to mention the equally awful, “Sparrow Cough” of 1911. Seeing those little blighters keeling over in severe fits of tickly throat clearing was heart breaking I can tell you. I know, I lived through it…

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