Broody birds

After a week away spring seems to have crept up on Argyll. Somerset was awash with buds and blooms and the lengthening grass, but no such vernal delight in Argyll before we went away. On our return, there are buds emerging on the trees and the grass is visibly girding its loins before shooting up a foot or more overnight when I miss the first chance to cut it. The birds are feeling the effects of spring as well and Gertie has spent a lot of time on homemaking down in her favourite pen; the interior is now bedecked with her down and she is wanting to spend more and more time on the nest. We have decided to cease taking her eggs and let her get on with it; after all, she did successfully raise Gozzie last year and there’s no reason she shouldn’t manage the same again this year.
One of the chooks is also very broody and has nested down in a corner of the coop. Not the ideal location, but chooks can be very determined in a small way. We’re going to leave her be and let her brood a few eggs to see what happens. We made the mistake of trying to move a broody chook and her clutch last year and she clocked off, so leave well alone seems to be the motto at the moment.
Managed to get up into the hills yesterday to geograph some green squares. This was above Turnalt, where the farm has set out a couple of waymarked walks. One of them is a circular route above the glen which returns along the river and the other to the top of a hill called Tom Sollier, which took me where I wanted to be. Here’s the view from the top of Tom Sollier for your delectation and delight.
View from Tom Sollier


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