More nature notes

I ought to add that, in the course of yesterday’s wanderings around Mid Argyll, I saw (a) my first ever red squirrel and (b) my first peacock butterfly of the year. The former was leaping across a main road and the latter was browsing the wayside flower, to whit, one lesser celandine.
On the Spring theme, I note that this blog was high in the list of search items found on Google for two very similar search terms: second out of about 1,290,000 for “spring is sprung the bird is” and first (tra-laa!) for “”bird is on the wing” spring sprung”. Which almost raises the question: what is the origin and original form of the poem, because there are many, many differing versions out there in the wild.
Curiously, and totally unrelated to a nature note, I found a septic tank outfall onto a shore which discharged through cast iron pipes made in Buenos Aires. Actually, to celebrate that latter point, I feel I must bring to your attention a genuine Thomas Crapper manhole cover that I collected in Abbey Street, Faversham about twenty years ago. Yertiz:
Photograph of manhole cover by Thomas Crapper


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