Sunday in the daffodillies

Out and about today bagging some squares for Geograph and I think I can best sum the day up with the following:


5 Responses to “Sunday in the daffodillies”

  1. joared Says:

    Lovely picture!

  2. BondBloke Says:

    Daffies – seems we in Scotland had them in bloom long before they flowered at the Eden Project in Cornwall this year, and that here in Ediburgh far from the Gulf Strean effect!

  3. Pat the Chooks Says:

    Just don’t get me started on the Eden Project! I was so disgusted with the price of the refreshments in the cafe that I demanded they get my gift aid declaration out of the large bin in which they collected them so that I could destroy it in front of them. One of my more intemperate moments, I admit, but I hate being ripped off when a captive market, even by an organisation with allegedly noble intentions.
    All of that off my chest, it’s an interesting place and well worth a visit in the summer when everything is in flower. Just take a flask of tea …

  4. Holly Says:

    A lovely spot for some tea! Or maybe, with spring in full bloom, some lemonade. Gorgeous pic 🙂

  5. BondBloke Says:

    Oh, The Eden Project, I could go on for hours and hours being one of those who protested against it!

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