How do they find me?

I’ve mentioned before that the SiteMeter tracks the referring webpage for visitors to The Chookery. Many of these arise as a result of someone entering a search term into a search engine and it can be flattering to see how high up the list of results the old blog climbs. Today’s interesting result was 5th in Google for “Kingdom- purple starfish”, which is about as disconnected with chooks and geese that it is possible to get.
Perhaps I should offer a prize for the most obscure search term to return this site as the top hit … perhaps that’s setting myself up for some very strange interpretations of my ramblings …
Mind you, 16th for “bloody heads” is getting pretty obscure.


One Response to “How do they find me?”

  1. BondBloke Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how obscure these search terms are – we had one recently who searched on “jingly geordie” I still can’t figure that one out…

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