ChookVote results announced

The last ChookVote poll has been running for far too long, and people really aren’t that keen on runny eggs at the best of time. After all, we did ask how voters liked their eggs and the results are as follows:

ChookVote Results Graph
Surprisingly, the poll was tied between “scrambled” (mmm, my favourite!) and “other”.
Here are the comments that visitors left with their votes:

  • Poached
  • Me? I prefer slow-cooked, very soft, scrambled eggs; more like a set hollandaise than that lumpy yellow-and-white stuff you get elsewhere or, even worse, the slabs of stuff you get in hotels which weep water all over your plate – yuk!
  • Shell on…down in one!!
  • poached eggs get my vote
  • i dont like eggs!!!
  • You’ve got too much time on your hands, young Sir!
  • Fried mind – not that rubbish “griddled” stuff. Sunny side up please, and done in about 5mm of bacon fat. Lovely…
  • Poached eggs on toast – Mmmm!

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