Vale Henrietta

Henrietta, the largest of the white chooks has been giving us cause for concern for some time. She is(was), as far as we could tell, a pretty old bird and had been getting less and less active for a few weeks. Tonight when I came home, she was huddled up on the ground near the house and didn’t move when I approached her. When I bent down to her, she more-or-less fell over onto her side and I decided that she wouldn’t have to see another sunrise. With a little help from Eddie (I shan’t go into the details of the necessary technique) she was soon in the land of permanent nod. A sad day; a sad tale and we’re another chooks down. But we knew they were old birds and weren’t long for our company; perhaps old Hettie will get her act together and present us with some chick-chooks; you never really know …


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