Three geese a-laying

Well, at least two of the geese are laying again. We’d been surprised, here at The Chookery, when the much-anticipated goose eggs of late February hadn’t arrived as expected. Thinking that the birds were getting cunning – an unlikely event for geese, but nonetheless – we started searching all likely corners and crannies of the paddock as well as their pens, but no joy. Saturday week I’d checked the pen where they’d been laying last year and scraped back the leaf litter to a depth of about three inches and found nothing. On Tuesday, however, I found an egg from the Chinese goose in her usual place, below a spruce tree, and decided that a closer investigation of the pens was called for. This time I scraped back all of the leaf litter in the pen and found a nice clutch of five eggs about six inches down, much deeper than I’d been looking. Since then we’ve been getting about one egg every other day and Priscilla was even relaxed enough to let me put my hand under her when she was on the nest to check for eggs; none on that occasion.


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