Hettie gets broody

Hettie is the smallest of the three white chooks and an inveterate bad sitter of eggs. We don’t normally check inside the coop for eggs, but after not getting too many out of the nest boxes, we had a look last week and found Hettie sitting on a clutch of about a dozen assorted different eggs. The problem with this sort of situation is that you’ve no idea how long some of the eggs have been there or whether they’ve started to grow and I, for one, am a little squeamish about digging into a cooked chick in a shell. So, to permit Hettie to continue her on-and-off sitting whilst enabling us to gather the fresh eggs, out came the marker pen to identify the older eggs. This tactic has worked well, because the chooks tend to lay where there is a clutch already and we have been able to gather a good half-dozen new eggs from the clutch over the last few days. I have absolutely no expectation of Hettie successfully brooding anything, but at least this way she can play as much as she likes without interfering too much with productivity.


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