A long walk around the village

Saturday was another gorgeous, dry, sunny day. This is great for walking and enjoying the scenery, but the winter so far has been very dry – see, for example, this story from Dorset. The Queen of the Chooks was away on a sign-language course so the plan was to walk a long loop around to the south of the village and bag some local squares that were still un-geographed.
Walking through the estate grounds, the South Lodge looked so pretty in the sunshine I felt I just had to share it with you …
South Lodge
The walk took me through the estate farm and out onto the hills, climbing up a pretty gully formed by a burn coming down by the edge of the forest. Here I put up a fox that was sunning itself in the ruins of last year’s bracken.
Out onto the top of the hill and the first of the bags:
Hilltop View
The next square on the list included a cup-and-ring-marked stone on the map, so that was an obvious target. Here’s a detail of one of the carvings on the stone:
Detail of Cup and Ring Marked Stone
Close to here is a rock that projects out over a small bluff which affords a good vantage point across the valley of the nearby burn and into the forest. Apparently the stone is known locally as John’s Stone.
Down through the woods, passing a grazing deer that simply hadn’t heard my approach at all, and past two more farms before taking to the hills again to cross over to the next glen, bagging en route.
My last target was a small, but spectacular hill which involved cllimbing up a steep slope formed by landslip material. There were some new fissures in this, so it can’t be all that stable. I got a fabulous view of the village from the top; unfortunately the camera didn’t capture it very well, so it’s not the sort of quality I normally choose to post, but here it is anyway:
Village View
One day I shall just have to get up there with a better camera.


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