Anserine brutality

In considering the title for this post I looked up the definition of “anserine” in the desktop dictionary that I keep handy for just this purpose. It turns out to have two definitions:
1. Of or resembling a goose;
2. Having or revealing stupidity.
The first is obvious, given that the goose is a member of the family Anserinae, but the second is true inspiration.
The intention behind this post remains unfulfilled by this lexicological diversion and I shall return swiftly to the main theme.
I suggested in recent posts that the youngest goose, known to its intimates as “Gozzie”, was thought to be a female bird, owing to it having appeared to have been subject to the Sergeant’s amorous advances down in the duckpond. However, the attentions from the older bird are becoming more and more violent and the wide-spread view – or from Eddie next door at least – is that Gozzie is a gander and getting a vigourous rebuff on every possible opportunity by the older male.
The Sergeant was in a particularly obnoxious mood this evening when I shooed them into their pen and proceeded to harrass the younger bird with considerable aggression. He was not inclined to relent and permit Gozzie to find a solitary corner of the pens, but pursued his wicked intentions until I penned him and Gozzie in separate areas.
The sap seems to be rising in the old boy as the days get longer and even I had decided to give him a wider berth than usual; he seemed to be far more psychologically aroused than usual this evening, if one can use a word like psychological in an anserine context.
Just to remind you what a brute the old boy can be when he puts his tiny brain to it, here’s a picture of the Sergeant as proud father of today’s brutalised gosling from a year ago:
The Sergeant


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