This time I really did LOL!

How often when you are browsing around the other people’s blogs do you actually find one that is witty, well-written, full of observational humour about the writer’s own life and a pleasure to sit and read for more than two minutes? Well, perhaps this quote will encourage you to buzz off and read the one I’ve just found.
I don’t want them growing up without a moral compass, and if I have my way they’ll get a moral protractor and two ethical set squares too. I have pencilled in the next long car journey to get the process started.
This is from a sururban Londoner with a young family who has been blogging for just about three years, and his writing is consistently all of the above. It’s Speaking as a Parent.
Now buzz off and read it.


One Response to “This time I really did LOL!”

  1. robin Says:

    Thank you for that. Very kind.

    This is an untypical blog too. Lovely pictures for a start. And geese too.

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