Single-track courtesies, or the lack of them

Up in Inveraray today for a training event, which was okay, as these things go. Mind you, the views across Loch Fyne to the hills opposite were spectacular. Some light dusting of snow on the higher peaks, although the weather forecast is for quite a lot of the white stuff further north today and tonight.
There are two routes home from Inveraray; one takes the main roads and the other the single-track road along Loch Awe for 20 miles. Since it was a gorgeous afternoon I decided on the single track version. Fine climbing up Glen Aray out of Inveraray, although the skies became greyer and greyer towards the head of the glen, where it started to snow lightly.
Only a couple of miles down the lochside road, I came up behind another car heading in the same direction. Now, the common courtesies of the highlands are clear; if someone is coming up behind you on a single track road you pull over and let them pass – there are even roadsigns to remind you of this custom. Now chummy did no such thing, even though he could not have missed seeing me. After a while I put on my right indicator and even unflashed my lights (i.e. switched them off briefly rather than flicking them onto main beam). We even had to pull in to the same passing place on a couple of occasions to allow an oncoming vehicle to pass, but would he let me go by? would he heck. Eighteen miles of this – about 28km in new money.
I should mention here that I was disappointed at this lack of courtesy and maintained a safe following distance at all times so I couldn’t be accused of hunting him on, to engage a Somerset farming phrase.
Turns out chummy stays in the same village, so I ought to make discreet enquiries about his character for future reference.


2 Responses to “Single-track courtesies, or the lack of them”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It is typical for these English invaders in our lovely village to comment on the locals.
    They still don’t understand that, we Scots, live a bit slower, without stress. We can

  2. long time resident Says:

    English invaders behind or not, it’s common courtesy to pull in and let someone pass. The blogger, it seems, took pains not to harrass the guy in front. After all we can’t know the reason for the apparent haste of the car behind, it may be urgent. As we live a bit slower we could pull in!!

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