Squarebagging at the Point of Knap

The Queen of the Chooks was off to a training session this morning, so, it being another stunningly-beautiful, if cold, day, I decided to go and walk to the Point of Knap, collecting a few geographs en route.
The drive down Loch Sween took about forty minutes from The Chookery and I found somewhere to leave the car; not always easy on single-track roads. I was down towards the end of the peninsula and I could see clear across the Sound of Jura to the Isle of Jura, even picking out individual houses on the island, it was so clear.
My main objective was a triangulation pillar, which I eventually reached after disturbing a small herd of deer who obviously weren’t expecting my company that morning. Here’s a picture of the trig pillar and the view across to Jura:

Triangulation pillar at the Point of Knap - view to the Isle of Jura
I wandered across to the west coast to find this fabulous deserted beach where the only footprints were those of the deer:

Port an Aomaidh
This is a wonderful, deserted and beautiful place and I shall definitely be back.


2 Responses to “Squarebagging at the Point of Knap”

  1. joared Says:


  2. Pavlov's Cat Says:

    All of your squarebagging photos are lovely, but these are just breathtaking. Thank you for putting them up where we can see them.

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