Another good day on the hills

A retro-blog by Pat the Chooks
Sunday, 19th February 2006
With the Queen of the Chooks still down in Somerset seeing her family and doing other bits and pieces, it meant that I had another day free to go squarebagging in the hills and make some more progress with my target hectad (if you haven’t cottoned on yet to what I’m blethering about, tough – go and read some previous posts and catch up). This time the squares were further to the east than previously and that meant a 25-mile (40km) drive to start walking in to the hills. Another superb sunny but cold morning and a new road up into the hills to explore. More delightful loch-studded moorland and even a short expedition into the forest to photograph a waterfall, near to which I startled a young red deer stag who was clearly not expecting to find any human beings in that place. It got colder and started to drizzle around lunchtime, but, since I had hit all my targets for the walk, I happily returned to the car and home for a nice warm shower and a cup of tea.
Anyway, here’s my pick of the day:
Ford on drove road from Auchindrain to Durran


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