The Darkness Rock

A retro-blog by Pat the Chooks
Sunday,12th February 2006
A belated Christmas present for Poppet, who had asked to see the very wonderful Kaiser Chiefs, but the dates and locations made it just about impossible to arrange when she’s in Somerset and at school and I’m in Argyll. Never mind, found out that The Darkness were playing at Glasgow’s SECC and got hold of seated tickets for that gig on Sunday evening.
Arrived with half an hour or so to go before the advertised time and found our way in easily. This is a good venue that can handle large numbers of people very easily. Excellent stewarding showed us straight to our seats as well.
The support act The Ark from Sweden were playing as we came in – scrappy glam rockers but with a couple of good songs to start warming the crowd up, including the proto-anthemic One of Us is Going to Die Young.
The Ark were followed by the very wonderful Juliette and the Licks, a Texan high-energy punk band with more than a little similarity to the Patti Smith Group of the seventies. Juliette is the most energetic stage performer and these guys are well worth seeking out live if rock ‘n’ roll flicks your switches and you like it high-energy.
There was the ritual pause before the main act came on and the whole stage was opened up for the show. A nice little video teaser showing (apparently) the group arriving live by helicopter a few minutes before they opened the show.
Usual lights-down entry with the other three, then Justin made his appearance flying in over the audience in what he described as “the tit chariot”, complete with flashing nipples. I hope from this you understand that the tit concerned was not the passenger, but the flying vehicle and Justin’s nipples were not, at least as far as I could see from the seats, flashing.
An excellent two-hour show followed, with great lighting and liberal use of pyrotechnics and free flame effects. The music was fabulous and very loud, and I was appreciative of the ear plugs that I’d brought along – I’ve been caught out before and I’ve seen my own audiograms, so these days I take the precautions – not very rock and roll, I know, but these are the only set of ears that I’ve got and I don’t fancy battery-operated lugs later in life.
One of the pleasures of big crowds is watching other people and both we and the folk next to us were intrigued by the behaviour of the five people in the row behind us, who all got up and disappeared for ten minutes every half hour or so. I eventually decided that the only possible explanation was that this was an organised outing of the Glasgow Weak-Bladder Society.
Left the SECC thoroughly pleased with ourselves and The Darkness at about eleven o’clock and eventually made it home for half-past-one the following morning. A great evening out and a successful Christmas present delivered.


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