Smoking ban in all pubs and clubs

BBC NEWS | Politics | Smoking ban in all pubs and clubs
This is fantastic news! Truly one in the eye for John Reid and a clear vindication of the hard work by everyone in the public health community to achieve equality of access to smoke-free public environments across the British Isles. Congratulations to the Commons Health Select Committee for making clear the issues of ill-health and inequality that meant a partial ban was inequitable and would only increase the differentials in health outcomes between the better and worse-off communities.
But, credit must go first to the hard work done in Ireland by Maurice Mulcahy and the public health lobby which led to Ireland leading the world in recognising environmental tobacco smoke for the gross pollution it is and for tackling it in such a positive way to create a new possibility for political initiative throughout the developed world.


One Response to “Smoking ban in all pubs and clubs”

  1. joared Says:

    Congrats on your smoking ban. They said it couldn’t be done here in So. Cal. USA a few years ago, but it happened and spread across our country.

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