Going up the wall with the kids

It’s okay – I’ve not completely lost my rag with the little monsters, but Monday was an expedition to the Ice Factor in Kinlochleven for an hour’s climbing on the indoor walls there. The Ice Factor is a superb indoor climbing facility about half an hour’s drive south of Fort Bill and just about two hours north from The Chookery. We were due to be climbing at 1230, which meant a lot of hassling to get the girls up and ready in time, but we managed it, even if there was a lot of drama about who was using the hair straighteners at any one time.
Our instructor was a very nice chap who got us all kitted out in climbing shoes, sit-harnesses and helmets and showed us all how to tie on. In my younger days I was an active caver and did the occasional not-very-difficult climb, but I’ve never been a fan of exposure on climbing. I’m afraid to say I wimped out on the easy wall and had to be lowered off, although I did complete a route in a corner, which was far more comfortable for my jangled nerves. The kids, however, loved it. Xander and Daisy zoomed around all over the place and Poppet, although seriously frustrated at some points, was absolutely determined to succeed and conquered the technical problems and her own fears very well. Proud of the lot of them.
Towards the end of the session, we went through to the higher vertical walls and Xander just shot up one section, so fast I was having trouble keeping up with the rope as I was belaying. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and this is definitely a place I’ll take them again when they visit, although we can’t really afford to do this more than once a holiday.
Anyway, here’s a picture of Daisy looking glamorous and Poppet being untied from her rope at the end of the session.


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