Chickabiddies fly in (and Pat goes around the toon)

A Retro-blog by Pat the Chooks
Saturday, 11th February 2006
The chickabiddies have flown in from Somerset for a few days at The Chookery over their half-term. Bearing in mind that they are only here until next Thursday, they seem to have brought an enormous amount of clothing and electrical appliances with them – Daisy’s suitcase weighed in at a massive 22kg!
As always, when I haven’t seen them for a couple of months, they’ve all grown taller. Xander is now, at 13, only a few inches shorter than I am and Poppet is much the same sort of height – and both of them take size 9 shoes.
Because I had to go down to Rutherglen to get a new wiper motor fitted on the car that morning, I took the opportunity to visit a cousin of my mother’s who lives in the town and whom I’d not previously met. I very good visit and I enjoyed meeting her and her hisband, who is a retired lecturer. Reminds me – must report back to my mother and let her know that I’ve met Gill.
With an afternoon to kill before hitting the supermarket and then collecting the kids from the airport, decided to go and visit Glasgow’s St Mungo’s Cathedral. This thirteenth-century building is set away from the modern city centre, but the fact that the adjacent street is called “High Street” tells you something about the migration of the economic centres of towns over the centuries. The building itself is gaunt and grey on the outside, but surprisingly beautiful and coherent in form on the inside. Built on an easterly slope, it has a well-lit lower church beneath the Quire which forms a peaceful and prayerful space where one can be enclosed by columns, a feeling I like. The Quire itself has a similar form to Lincoln, on which it is probably modelled, with the single arch for each bay doubling to two and then four above it. The church also has some wonderful modern stained glass and is worth visiting for that alone.
Also visited the St Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life and Art, which is more interesting than it sounds. Here can be found Salvador Dali’s Christ of St John of the Cross amongst other pieces.

Christ of St John of the Cross
Glasgow has a superb collection of museums, art, architecture and objects and is well worth a visit of several days if one is to appreciate all that is available from their collections, but I digress, and here I end for the moment.


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